Company Overview
We consider trust and value creation with customers as our top priority.
We realize customer satisfaction by identifying customer needs and linking them with existing businesses.
Donggwang Spring focuses all its technology and capabilities to adapt and compete in various environments.
We also provide the best quality through communication and cooperation with our customers.

Dongkwang Spring creates value with ceaseless passion.

Dongkwang Spring develops its capabilities to adapt and compete in various environments and provides the best quality through close communication and cooperation with customers.
We work with customers based on expertise and know-how accumulated over a long period of time.
  • Company name: Dongkwang spring
  • Business: Metal spring and wire manufacturing
  • Vision: Creating value based on technology and quality
  • Representative: Lee Yong-un
  • Phone number: 043-745-2936
  • Email:
Core Values


Dongkwang Spring is with customers with reliable technology and products.


Dongkwang Spring considers trust with customers as its top priority.


Dongkwang Spring builds trust through cooperation with customers.


Dongkwang Spring grows together with constant passion.
Organization Chart